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The Mallee

The images in this gallery were taken for 'The Mallee  A journey through north-west Victoria' from Ten Bag Press.

Available now! As is The Wimmera

With images from five photographers, Jaime Murcia, Andrew Chapman, Melanie Faith Dove, Erin Jonasson and Noel Butcher with  design by Phil Campbell, this book will be a wonderful present for anyone with a connection to, or interest in, The Mallee.

Ten Bag Press owner, journalist and publisher, Adam McNicol has written of the Mallee as only a  Mallee boy can, to help bring this amazing region of Victoria to life on the page.

ABC TV's Landline program made a story about the Mallee Book, featuring Adam McNicol and myself. You can view it here, if that takes your fancy.

The Mallee

Old Sheds

I quite like photographing old sheds.

During my travels over the years I had collected a couple of hundred different sheds, photographically speaking, when a good friend of mine, fellow photographer, Andrew Chapman, suggested that I should do a book.

The rest, as they say, is history and my little book of Old Sheds was published in 2014. 

It may be still available if one does an online search.


Other Books

I have had a hand in a couple of other books in conjuncton with other photographers as well as my solo effort with Old Sheds.

Beyond Reasonable Drought, under the MAPgroup banner, (2009  by Five Mile Press in association with the State Library of Victoria).

Camperdown and its Cup (2013) and They're Racing at Manangatang (2018) by Ten Bag Press

The Camperdown and Manangatang projects were done in conjunction with Jaime Murcia and Andrew Chapman and were, essentially, photographed in a single day.

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